Nazdeek collaborates with media practitioners at local and international levels to document and disseminate human rights violations. Through their contributions, we are able to use art as a medium for change.

Rajan Zaveri

Rajan is an Australian/British freelance photojournalist and founder of Firefly Multimedia. He uses reporting in a mixture of media to focus on the social and cultural interests of a community and has covered issues internationally with projects in the UK, Croatia, Bosnia, Egypt and India. Rajan's work has featured in various publications and with organisations including Al Jazeera, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Telegraph, BBC, Storyhunter, Vocativ and Vice Magazine.

Rajan was named The Guardian Student Photographer of the Year and was shortlisted for Magnum's Ideas Tap Photography Competition and the Royal Photographic Society Joan Wakelin Bursary. He has been exhibited in Foto8 and Candid Arts in London and a collective exhibition in Third Floor Gallery and Jacobs Market in Cardiff.

Rajan is the Founder of Firefly Multimedia, a company specialising in interactive storytelling through a variety of mediums for charities and NGOs. Raja is a graduate of Newport University in 2010 with a B.A. in Documentary Photography. He has also undergone training for Video, Sound and Journalism at the SAE Institute in London. Rajan is currently working on interactive documentaries as well photographic and video assignments in India.

Vivek Trivedi

Vivek is a lawyer, human rights activist and freelance writer from the US, currently based in New Delhi, India. Working in both law and media, he sees visualization of the law as an essential tool to increase access to justice for affected communities. As a freelancer, Vivek has produced advocacy videos for human rights organizations and foundations committed to social justice.

Vivek is currently researching and creating visual advocacy materials for an international human rights organisation which focuses on police reforms throughout South Asia. His work concerns India and Pakistan level reforms, and he is the point person on all multimedia conception and production.

Andy Ash

Andy is a documentary photographer from the UK looking at social and political issues and concentrating on human rights violations. He has spent time in Serbia looking at the ongoing effects and change since the Yugoslavian War. He has also worked with NGOs in India producing bodies of work on a number of humanitarian issues such as maternal health, tribal displacement, HIV, homelessness and human trafficking. Andy's images have been used as evidence against human rights violations in the Supreme Court of India. Andy believes strongly in the use of photography as a tool for advocacy and his images have been used as evidence against human rights violations.

Andy graduated from Newport University with a B.A. in documentary photography, but previously trained in sound engineering and mechanical engineering. He is now in New Delhi expanding his skills in video production, producing documentary films on the work of advocates fighting for human rights justice in India.

Joe Wheeler

Joe Wheeler is a second-year M.F.A. candidate at Parsons the New School in New York, pursuing a degree in Transdisciplinary Design Strategies. While he has spent time working in editorial, interacting design and media advocacy, his focus is on how transmedia storytelling can be used to engage audiences, challenge social norms and ultimately motivate social change.


Avantee is a sociologist with a background in Gender Studies. Avantee has previously worked on issues of displacement, land acquisition, mental health laws, sexuality, women and child rights in the capacity of a researcher and trainer. Avantee has also been a translator for New York City Alliance against Sexual Assault on multiple studies on behaviors and experiences of immigrant victims of VAW.

Avantee received her B.A. from K.C College, Mumbai where she worked on developing the Certificate Course in Gender Studies introduced in 2014. During her time there, she dealt with numerous cases of sexual harassment. Avantee has been a ballroom dancer, freelanced as an Artist, acted in short films and performed at National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai. Avantee was born in Singapore and resides in New Delhi, where she is currently pursuing a post graduate in human rights, international humanitarian and refugee law.