Namati Justice Prize

In late 2015, Nazdeek was awarded the inaugural Namati Justice Prize. Selected from over 160 organizations from across the globe, the panel of expert judges recognized Nazdeek "as a shining example of impact and sustainability." The panel found that our model "demonstrates a highly sustainable method" in training workers as community paralegals, using right-to-information requests, working with women paralegals to sit in advocacy meetings with the government and using public interest litigation and advocacy campaigns to advance justice. They found that our "lessons learned are thoughtful and inspiring."

Our work centers on the understanding that multi-dimensional problems require multi-dimensional solutions, and sustainable change happens when a network of activists, lawyers and community members possess the skills to secure justice.


  • Gained a wage increase for 800,000 tea garden workers in Assam from Rs 94 to Rs 137
  • Successfully petitioned for the creation of a 24-hour community toilet complex for 5,000 slum dwellers in Delhi
  • Helped over 27,000 pregnant and lactating women and children receive their monthly food and nutrition rations
  • Secured nearly 3 crore of unpaid retirements benefits paid to tea workers
  • Trained 25 women paralegals in Assam to secure ambulances, medical personnel and access to nutrition and medicine for pregnant women in their communities
  • Trained 20 women paralegals in Delhi to secure improved access to maternal health, nutrition, water supply, sanitation and drainage in their communities
  • Put modern slavery in the tea supply chain on the global map though local demands to improve living and working conditions in Assam's tea gardens.
  • Hosten multiple roundtables with certifying agencies such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Ethical Tea Partnership, resulting in an internal review of tea certifying standards