We believe that community-centered storytelling plays a vital role in addressing injustice. At Nazdeek, we embrace the power of innovation and technology in the movement for social and economic justice. Partnering with multimedia producers, we use virtual reality technology, 360 degree interactives, films and photo stories to document and disseminate human rights violations.

One highlight of Nazdeek's multimedia work is our online exhibit Colonial to Corporates, an Adivasi Mother's Journey Through the Tea Fields of Yesterday and Today. Forcibly brought by the British to work in Assam's tea fields, Adivasi tea garden workers began a journey marked by low wages and high maternal mortality. Women workers have been at the center of this generational cycle of servitude. Colonial to Corporates is an immersive installation using innovative virtual reality technology, film and photography to canvass a 175 year struggle for dignified conditions for Assam's tea workers.

Nazdeek's work in demanding dignified conditions for Assam's tea workers has been covered by leading international and national media such as Al Jazeera's Inside Story, BBC World News, Guardian and New York Times. In September 2015, with the support of Every Mother Counts, Nazdeek was honored to have Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Lynsey Addario document our maternal health work in Assam for TIME Magazine in the article "Where Childbirth Can Mean Death."

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